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Monday 10th  October 2022 - 8:00PM UK GMT  --

Craig Soll “God is not duty-bound to fix stupid, but in my case He did"


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Craig was born an Orthodox Jew in Johannesburg South Africa.His life has been one adventure after another; as a son, brother, competitive athlete, soldier, student, Business owner and gangster, culminating in a relationship with Yeshua. He spent most his formative years in Johannesburg South Africa, before immigrating to Brisbane, Australia. He travels throughout Australia , Eastern Europe, the USA and Canada, sharing God's love from church house. to gang clubhouse, to jailhouse, to outhouse. He is a full-time single father of beautiful twin boys, and is a qualified exercise physiologist. He is currently writing his autobiography, called "Memoirs of a Mutt.1% outlaw 99% Jesus.”

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