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 lifestoriesworldwide live - Monday Nights @ 8:00pm on Zoom Facebook and YouTube    

Monday 27th March 2023 - 8:00PM   - Andy Brady - Fighting for faith

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Andy Brady grew up in a standard Scottish family; mum, dad and sandwiched between two sisters. Home life was pretty normal but from an early age he had a taste for violence. From his first fist fight at 6 years old to attempted murder on his life, multiple stabbings received, he had chaos in his mind for the first 29 years of his life. Things dramatically changed after going to a church meeting in December 2013. Since then, he has gone on to pastor a new church plant in his home town, become the Dean of a Bible College, and he was the chaplain at Partick Thistle Football Club. He is married to his beautiful wife, Grace, and they have 4 children together

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